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Unique Adventure

in Mogadishu

Standard Itinerary

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Upcoming Group Schedule: 

  • 14-17th December 2019

  • 11-14th January 2020

  • 15-18th February 2020

  • 14-17th March 2020

($3,800/ 1 Person; $7,200/ 2 People; $10,000/ 3 People)

Contact us for flexible dates, private tour arrangements. 

We are the only company that can offer Mogadishu tourism services, with bullet-proof vehicles, 24-hour armed team of bodyguards, visa services and more. 

Somaliland tourism and Socotra Tourism also available on an irregular schedule.

4 Days 3 Nights Itinerary

Day 1

Landing at Mogadishu, Somalia

[Custom, Baggage Claim and Meet-up with Local Guide]

[Briefing by Local Guide and Security Units]


2pm – Tour Begins

-        Mogadishu Mile [wiki] – the area where the defeated US armies were pursued and ran for their lives, the abandoned tanks are still on the site;

-        Black Hawk Down Site – the site of fierce fighting, with trashed relics of US war machines;

-        Almnara Tower – Medieval Relics in Mogadishu that witness the rise and fall of powers in the region;

-        Sunset at Liido Beach [TripAdvisor] – the most popular beach in Mogadishu, a lot of local families and kids hang out at Liido Beach around Sunset

-        Dinner at Liido Beach (Optional) – Liido Beach’s restaurants serve delicious seafood

7pm – End of Day 1


Day 2

8am – Breakfast

9am – Tour Begins

-        Fish Market [Report] – Experience the hectic fish market of Mogadishu with myriads of large exotic fish species, you will also see Somali kids carrying anything from swordfish, stingray to hammer shark on their heads;

-        Ruins of Mogadishu Shanghai Old City – before the Civil War, it was the area where the rich people lived, with bars, discos, luxurious hotels and villas, the ruining of the old city is tragic, but has also transcended its beauty to a new insecular dimension;

-        Old Mogadishu Lighthouse [Report] – one of Mogadishu’s symbols, built during the colonial era, you can walk into the remains of the lighthouse (climbing the broken stairs is optional), to gain a panoramic view over the bay;

-        Uruba’s Second Liido – a popular docking bay for local individual fishermen, you will find Somali fishermen showing off their catches;

-        Al-Uruba Hotel – once the most luxurious hotel in Mogadishu, now descend into ruins;

-        Ruins of National Museum – the multi-story museum is still standing, but now covered with bullet holes and cracks;

-        Mogadishu Cathedral [Image] – intentionally destroyed by Al-Shabab (the Islamic Extremists), also a symbol of Italian colonialism, the remains of the Cathedral is artistically surrealistic;

-        Other attractions: Arc of Triumph, The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Fakr ad-Din Mosque

2pm – Lunch

4pm – Tour Resumes

-        Ex-Parliament Ruins [Report] – the Parliament Complex stands among a number of important monuments and facilities, you can briefly survey the parliament;

-        Old Library – large complex which represented Somalis’ cultural identity;

-        Mogadishu Theatre – depending on security condition and programme schedule, attending local culture events may be arranged;

-        Bakara Market – the largest open market in Somalia, which sells daily supplies and products;

-        Cirtoogte Market of Weapon – during the Civil War, it is a well-known location for private armament trade, where locals replenish their ammunition, purchases new weapons from riffles to javelins;

-        Post Office – observe the humble post office, satisfy your philatelic needs, from stamps to postcards;

7pm – Dinner

Day 2 Ends



Day 3

8am – Breakfast

9am – Jazeera Beach Excursion

-        Jazeera Beach [Tweet] - a large and serene beach at the outskirt of the city, where you can claim the whole beach yours;

-        Old Mosque – there is a small island near Jazeera Beach, reachable by walking during low tide, it is a Medieval place of worship which magically still exists until today;

-        AU Plane Crash site – En-route to Jazeera Beach, we will pass by a crashed AU Cargo Jet, debris of wings and cockpit can clearly be seen;

-        Rural Somali communities – en-route to Jazeera Beach, you will be able to see Somali rural communities with donkey trains, loading buckets of water back to their villages.

1pm – Lunch

3pm – Tour Resumes

-        Qat Market – Qat is considered illegal drug in most countries, except in only a few countries, including Somalia, where Qat is widely and openly consumed;

-        Livestock Market - herding and livestock raising have been a large part of Somalia’s economy, culture and social life since records start to exist, a local market is the best place to witness the living Somali traditions;

-       University - have a panaromic view of Mogadishu from the roof of university dormitory, see the life of Somali scholars and students, who are both shy and eager to interact with foreigners;

-       Football Match - Mogadishu’s favorite sport is indeed Football, the city has frequent matches, with wide audiences, watch a match and feel the same excitement with fellow Somali Football fans.

7pm – Dinner

End of Day 3


Day 4

7am – Breakfast

8am – Preparation for Flight

[Tour Ends]




Half-Day Package

Half-Day Trip available on demand, starting from US$950

Airport Pickup - Travel - Airport Drop off

Contact for quotation. 




Extra Activities (Additional Charge)

Afgoye Excursion

8am – Breakfast

9am – Tour Begins

  • Afgoye Township - former capital of the Geledi Sultanate, now a green and refreshing river town, with palm trees and gentle winds, a big contrast to the dusty Mogadishu;

  • Afgoye Farmlands - observe the agricultural activites and projects at Afgoye, where fruits and various crops farmed;

  • Refugee Camps - en-route back to Mogadishu, Refugee camps keeping the displaced civilians occupy a massive area of space, although peace and stability have largely been restored in Mogadishu, scars and memories last.


Gendershe Excursion

7am - Breakfast

8am - Tour Begins

  • an ancient Somali coral stone city built during Medieval times, with remarkable structures like mosque, fortification, houses, etc.

  • Before the Civil War, Gendershe enjoyed decades of overwhelming popularity as a tourist attraction, there were even films made with story settings at Gendershe.

  • Long drive along the Indian Ocean, available to observe Somali maritime activities and culture.

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