Somali Visa - Single Entry


Description: Visa Approval Letter + Sponsor Letter

Eligibility: All Passports with 180 days before expiration

Preparation Time: 7 days (up to 14 days)


  • After completion of payment, please scan your passport and send it to
  • We will reply you to confirm our receival of your documents
  • We will scan you the invitation letter and visa approval letter in 7-14 days
  • Please be remind to prepare at least 1 copy of the invitation letter and visa approval letter, to be presented to the airport staff
  • You will receive Visa on your passport as you go through immigration at Mogadishu (our associates will escort you at the immigration)


Remark: Only available for flight arrival in Aden Adde International Airport


Somali Visa - Single Entry

  • Single Entry Visa + Invitation Letter to travel to Mogadishu + Proof of your reception at Mogadishu

    These items are necessary for you to get on the flight to Mogadishu. 

  • The communication will rely on email. (

    All necessary travel documents will be scanned and sent to you in a timely manner.