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When a bravery Chinese girl meeting the smile with scars

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

02-12-2019, a curious and bravery Chinese girl ,Yanyi arrived atMogadishu , Somalia. When she met the 2 securities with guns in hands protecting her, she felt the insecurity towards her safety as well.

Carrying her camera , with a Iphone, she decided to step out from her comfort zone, and then to experience something new. In the Old Shanghai city, what she saw was only some destroyed building . These are the scars of the cities, however, what attracted her are something different.

At Lido beach, she saw many people trying their best to work and earn a living. Holding a big fish on his head, and taking it to the fish market for sale, or just having fun at the beach with a bunch of rubbish. While wandering across the beach with the tours and securities and local guides, she found a group of locals, playing in the beach.

She stopped to tried to talk with them, and those local Somalis even though did not understand that much what she was saying, but they tried their very best to use what they knew in English to response.

Before leaving ,she took a photo with them. And in response to her, they gave her a warm welcoming smile. This is the friendship beyond languages , scars and fear. She found a group of people who are much more bravery than she is.

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