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⚔️🔫Trying a “Rambo Experience” with a smiling guns street vendor 💣in Bakara Market - Mogadishu🇸🇴

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

In some poor countries , you may see people knocking the windows of your car asking for money. In Bakara Market, however, there are street vendors knocking for selling their AK47.

Bakara Market

The name Bakara is derived from the Somali word for grain silo or storage, “baqaar”. It is the largest open market in Somalia, which sells daily supplies and products;

It is famous for illegal activities, namely making forged Somali , Ethiopian and Kenyan passports, and other forged documents, ranging from birth certificates to university diplomas. Its first proprietors named this illegal sub-market as Cabdaalle Shideeye.

Weapons still being bought and sold illegally in front of Bakara market, depsite government efforts to close down the trade.

Before the retreat of Al-Qaeda-linked group Al-Shabab from Mogadishu, weapons were openly sold at Bakara Market. But in 2017, the government has taken control of Bakara Market, prohibited any weapon trades there. So many weapon traders started to carry their wares and wander in the streets to sell to people passing by.

A funny phenomenon worth sharing:

they sold the AK47 with a genuine smile on their face , as if they were selling toys. As they consider guns as one of their daily necessities, just like the smart phone in our pocket, so as to protect themselves from Al-Shabab Group.

It maybe illegal to ship the guns back home. However, you may have the experience to deal with weapon trading, and asking for trial shooting. It is maybe one of a lifetime for you to try wearing the bullet belts and with a AK47 in hand.

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