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Once as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean , Now on her way back to prosperity - Mogadishu Somalia

The world has entered into an industrial society, and cities have risen up. However, human beings have created a large number of high-rise buildings of modern civilization, but they still haven't solved the problem of poverty. Behind the prosperity of cities, there is still a dark bitterness.

Many people will think of Somalia pirates, Somali pirates, many countries sent warships to escort, our country also went to, so let us know more about this country. Somalia since ancient times is known as the "state" of frankincense and myrrh, frankincense and myrrh was produced, most of the oldest. BC 1000 years ago, an Egyptian nobleman named Mr Khan by the Egyptian pharaoh sent to Mogadishu to buy spices, after the Greek, Persian businessmen and Chinese navigator subsequently and come. In the 13th century, the booming city of Mogadishu became the world's first market for frankincense and myrrh, as well as a trading center for ivory and leather. It was "purchased" by Italian colonialists five years later and became the capital of Italian Somalia. After the independence of Somalia in 1960, mogadishu was designated as the capital and became the political, economic and cultural center of the country.

Today's Mogadishu, full of strife and rebellion, war can be seen everywhere, everyone with a gun in the street, terror filled with the city. Seen the movie black hawk down "friends do not know you remember there, a lot of framing is set in Mogadishu's slums, here with meets, is full of the damaged buildings, brought together a large number of poor population

Poverty is the result of the war, here is Mogadishu, Somalia's commercial center, although so far still uninterrupted civil war, but its economy has a previous restore somewhat. Since 1991, Somalia has been in warlords armed regime of anarchy. Without the existence of the government, so the overall trade environment is almost tax-exempt status. Some businessmen will employ highly armed militias as bodyguards to protect themselves, but indirectly reduce the street crime. Mogadishu major industries including the food and beverage manufacturing, and simple textiles, especially cotton seed processing. Due to many years of war had destroyed Mogadishu's international airport, so today only a few private airlines would not regularly around the city small airport.

So there is a history of poor, is the war, under the condition of peace is rich, have the development, the people to a better life.

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