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Booking Procedures

Booking Procedures

The following procedure only applies to tourists joining our standard group tour. 

Contact us for more details if you are individual travelers. 

Step 1 - Contact Us

Talk with us about your plan and schedule, we will discuss with you and provide you relevant information to assist your decision making.

Step 2 - Basic Quiz

Travelling to Mogadishu is only for seasoned and mature Travelers.

We need to make sure you are clear with the relevant risks.

Step 3 - Initial Deposit

We will receive your deposit on this website.

And then in 7-14 Days, we will be able to provide you with an Official Sponsor Letter (Scanned Version), which is necessary to present when boarding the plane to Mogadishu and arranging On-Arrival VISA stamped on your Passport.

Step 4 - Confirmation

At least 14 Days before the Tour Date, you have to present your Round-Trip Ticket to confirm your Trip. (Flight details will be discussed in E-Mail Communication)

Step 5 - Tour Begins

The Tour at Mogadishu will begin, and the remaining Payment shall be paid by Cash at Mogadishu.

Contact to inquire.

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