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Black Hawk Down Site

Sites of the Battle of Mogadish, where the Movie "Black Hawk Down" is based on. 

Until today, the war machines and tanks are still left on the street. It is no exaggeration, some fleeing US army even got chased into the sea with their tanks. You will see them during low tide.

Mogadishu Lighthouse

Rebuilt during the Italian Colonization era, a famous landmark of Mogadishu. It is no longer a functional Lighthouse, but is still an important symbol Mogadishu's maritime traditions.

The staircases have been intentionally damaged during the Civil War, but if you are brave or crazy enough to climb to the top, the commanding view over the bay will definitely be rewarding.

Black Hawk Down Site

Liido Beach

If you haven't been to Liido Beach, don't tick Mogadishu as "checked" on your Bucket List. Liido Beach is the most popular beach at Mogadishu. Everyday at late afternoon, you will find Somali families and friends hanging out here, enjoying themselves.


The Liido Beach Restaurant is a popular location where Somali elite hang out. Order yourself nice seafood and fruit juices while watching the sky peacefully changing into golden red. Boat ride along the beach is also available.

Liido Beach

Markets of Mogadishu

Mogadishu has a number of markets for you to explore. Believe or not, visiting a genuinely local market is the best channel to experience local cultures.

Due to the Civil War, Mogadishu even has a market specializing in weapons and ammunitions sales. Besides, there is semi-open black market specializing in wildlife trade, including elephant tusks and leopard skins. These products are usually sold in very low price, although we won't recommend you to buy to sponsor this activity.

A herb called Qat is universally considered as illegal drug except in very few countries, including Somalia. Visit the Qat market or even have a small taste of it, see this unique and vibrant market scene.

More Attractions

Mogadishu has so much surprises and new discoveries to offer. You will appreciate our intension of not revealing every attraction's detail to you before you arrive.

Come and see it for yourself. Experience the many faces of Mogadishu, the war scarred beauty, also known as the "White Pearl of the Indian Ocean".

Mogadishu Cathedral

The Civil War has transformed this colonial building into a surrealistic installation. While the roof and towers were destroyed, the elaborated arches, pillars, cravings and details remain intact, leaving an unmatchable contrast. Visiting the Cathedral is like entering an alien dimension of grand voidness.

The debris whispers stories of Mogadishu's colonial past, religious confrontation, history of the civil war. There are a lot of details in this ruin that can offer you insight of the city's past.

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